Spooks and Saints Released

Like Ghost Stories? Spooks and Saints, a book by Cherie Davis has just been announced for release Sept 1. Check it out! read more »

  Story Camp 2016

We know it may be a bit early, but we are so excited we can't help it! Don't forget about Story Camp in June 2016 read more »

  My Story Camp

New for 2016, When you sign up for a Story Camp, you will also get an account on MyStoryCamp.com which can be used to record you impression, what you learned and keep track of presentation material for future use. read more »

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Spooks and Saints

From the people who bring you Story Camp, a new book has been announced for September 1, 2015. "Spooks and Saints" tells the intriguing Legends of the Ghost Stories of Salt Lake City.

Written by Cherie Davis, this book has been years in the making. Researched for more than a decade, these stories jump off the page.

Link to the Spooks and Saints Site